SJC Turns 60

During the 2016-2017 school year, SJC school is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The purpose of this webpage is to communicate information about the last 60 years at SJC and to promote our 60 for 60 campaign.

Donate $60 in honor of SJC’s 60th anniversary.  We have 60 days to do it!

Here’s your chance.  If you’ve never donated before, or have been a long time donor, we’re hoping you’ll join our special 60 for 60 event.  We’re asking all supporters to donate $60 in commemoration of our 60th anniversary.  For 60 days, we’ll be raising money for our STEAM efforts.  What’s STEAM?  It’s Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math.  At SJC we’ve incorporated skills to use math and science to solve real-world challenges and problems into our curriculum.  The principles of critical thinking, observation, and exploration are intertwined in our classes.  From our fabulous art program that uses a variety of mediums and techniques to create projects integrated with class topics, to our science program using NGSS – Next Generation Science Standards - that values the practice of science and exploration over rote memorization of facts and figures, STEAM is seamlessly incorporated in so much that we do!

What will $60 do?

  • Fund one class to design and build solar ovens and use the engineering design process to cook marshmallows for making S’mores
  • Fund one class to design a flower to attract a chosen type of pollinator
  • Fund one class to research, summarize, and write a report concerning one aspect of the effects of genetic traits and local conditions on plant growth
  • Fund each student in one class to design and build a terrarium for bedridden patients
  • Fund one class to design and build a new and improved air bag system while studying chemical reactions
  • Fund one class to apply scientific principles to design, construct, and test a Rube Goldberg machine to demonstrate Newton’s Third Law between objects in collision
  • Fund one class to complete a Project Based Learning Challenge to solve the problem of designing a balloon powered toy car for a toy manufacturer that will go fast and travel a long distance
  • Fund one class using artificial selection, to invent three new species to be transported to a new planet with colonists
  • Fund AppleCare+ for two iPads for a year
  • 10 donations of $60 will fund one new iPad
  • Printing Photoshop projects for one class
  • Fund a classroom set of recorder musical instruments
  • Fund a classroom set of Artist quality color pencils
  • Fund the complete performance materials for a classroom play or musical (director’s guide, scripts, sheet music, audio files, and rights to perform.)
  • Fund all the tempera paint needed for an entire school year

And so much more!

Just imagine what $60 will do for our future?

You can donate on-line with your credit card by using ePay, our secure on-line payment processor, and PayPal.

To donate an amount other than $60 please use the button below.