Feedback from our Community

2018-2019 School Year


What does the Kowalewski family like about SJC?

  • Sense of community, school spirit and atmosphere, great friendships among students
  • Very professional and engaged teachers, friendly and welcoming staff
  • Good student behavior and good class discipline
  • International diversity
  • Solid curriculum and enriching activities

The Kowalewski Family, Grade 3

I like that there is a well-balanced curriculum that focuses on academics as well as important other facets of life.


I also like International Night because I can eat lots of Spring Rolls and other delicious food!

The Rothenberg Family, Grades 5 and 3

Things that the Park family appreciates about SJC:

  • On a technical level, the students’ average standardized scores are much higher than national averages.
  • The student buddy system (pairing younger students with older students for the year) is a wonderful big brother/sister program.
  • A lot of focus on a student’s total well-being.

The Park Family, Grade 3

Things that the Gonzalez family appreciates about SJC

  • Welcoming and friendly front office staff. 
  • Teacher’s dedication in helping students strive to do their best and not to give up. 
  • Academics with high standards and help for students who need extra help. 
  • Sports, friendships, custodial staff who always keep our school clean. 
  • A wonderful extended care staff, coaches, parents, and students. 

These are all things we love about SJC.

The Gonzalez Family, Grade 7 and Class of 2016

We chose SJC because of their philosophy of teaching “the whole child”. When you teach the whole child, you prepare the child for life. Additionally, Catholic teachings are infused in every aspect of SJC. Children learn and live their faith.

The Lewis Family, Grade 7

It’s our daughter’s fourth year here at St Joseph’s and during this time we have found the school to be a safe and nurturing environment for our child. We have found the staff to be very dedicated, kind and accomplished. The atmosphere at St Joseph’s is very welcoming and community oriented and the principal is very approachable, dedicated and accomplished. There are so many opportunities for children to get involved in community oriented initiatives and giving back in general, especially during the holidays. We as parents truly believe that our child is presented with a real chance at an overall development because of the values-based education in addition to strong academics, sports, band and other extra-curriculars. We are overall very happy with the school and looking forward to another 2 years! The teachers have their classrooms so personalized, welcoming and warm-- it is obvious they enjoy being there and teaching our kids.

The Bhagwan Family, Grade 7

This is our 11th and final year at St. Joseph of Cupertino. Mr. Lee and his staff have given my kids a strong foundation of Catholic faith while preparing them academically for high school. Being involved with events at SJC showed me that the teachers believe kindness, faith, and character building is just as important as academic preparation. Mr. Lee and the teachers love what they do and it shows in the enthusiasm in the kids. Through the years at SJC, our family has made lifetime friendships. My kids always looked forward to getting back to school to be with their SJC friends.  SJC is a school community where people work together, laugh together, and experience God together. SJC has truly been a blessing for us. 

The Kalcic Family, Grade 8 and Class of 2017

SJC has allowed our child to experience many new things and to broaden her horizon.

The Liu Family, Grade 7

The teachers and the rest of the staff at SJC are wonderful, and made our daughter’s transition from public to private school very smooth. We appreciate the small classroom sizes and that all students receive individual attention at SJC. She enjoys the variety of subjects offered at SJC, and has made lasting friendships.

The Hung Family, Grade 7

We have been part of SJC School for a couple of years and have loved it. Our daughters are receiving a quality education in a safe, loving environment. The school uses the latest technology, iPads and Smartboards. The children also have access to extra-curricular activities like Origami and Chess Club. We love the SJC community and would recommend this school to any family looking to nurture their child academically and spiritually.

The Bunney Family, Preschool and Grade 2

The SJC staff was very welcoming towards our son as a new student. The school has a good community feel and a lot of after school activities and clubs for children to broaden their horizon. The principal is very accessible and available to talk to parents. The teachers understand student needs and are very encouraging.

The Bhatt Family, Grade 7

St. Joseph of Cupertino is a very safe place for children to grow up with. I really enjoy the small community environment. My children enjoy going to school every morning. The teachers are very supportive and teach them the proper way how to show respect to each other.

The Chau Family, Grades K and 3

SJC remains committed to student and staff development. The end goal in mind is student learning – academically, spiritually, and genuinely what it means to be a child of God. My children have embraced the many opportunities available (sports, clubs, student government). Though our years at SJC will come to a close in a few years, we are forever part of this family and community.

The Kowalski Family, Grades 6 and 7

We could not be any happier having our son attend SJC. The staff is always willing to help and ready to address issues that may arise. SJC provides a warm and safe learning environment for our children. We entrust the staff with our children, they care, teach and instill moral values into our children for 35+ hours a week!

The Mazzarini Family, Grade 7

The teachers at SJC are truly dedicated toward their responsibility of giving our children the best possible education. The community of SJC families is loving and caring. Our family loves how the school consistently works on imparting the right values to the students, and helping them live out those values in their daily lives. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. We feel fortunate that we are part of the SJC village.

The Goyal Family, Grades 4 and 8

Our daughter has attended St. Joseph of Cupertino School since fourth grade, and she has thrived in every aspect of learning and sports. SJC has high standards of education in Math, Language Arts, Reading, and Science. We also like that they offer other subjects such as Art, Music, Computer, and many more. SJC also has numerous after-school programs like Art Club, Computer Club, Math Club, etc. The after-school sports program is a favorite since our daughter is very sporty. This helps promote teamwork and camaraderie, which are very important in helping the students become well-rounded beings. Lastly, the thing that impressed us most is how the teachers and staff members are very dedicated in helping the students become well-rounded individuals.

The Tan Family, Grade 8

There is genuine concern for the well-being of my children both academically and socially. The feeling of being welcomed in the community has also been great!

The Abran Family, Grades 6 and 8

The bond the students share at SJC is truly remarkable. From recess to sports games, all of the students work together to make sure everyone is included. Another amazing part of SJC is SPARCCLS. These values teach children about important life skills, especially ones they will use in high school. Finally, SJC has a great environment for learning. The teachers are extremely supportive and provide hands-on experiences for all students. SJC really is a wonderful school.

The Antony Family, Grades 6 and 8

There are so many wonderful things to say about SJC, but one of the characteristics we like the most is our school community, which never stops thriving for excellence in every way. Since day one we loved the school, but as the years went by, we fell in love more and more. Some parents became friends, and others became like family to us. 

The teachers at SJC are number ONE! They are always prepared to teach in a respecting and loving manner, while challenging the children to become well-rounded individuals. The SJC staff is also fantastic, and you can feel their love in every corner of our school.

Our daughter is in 6th grade, and our son is in 3rd grade. They both started in preschool, as Junior Jaguars, and since then SJC became our partner in educating our children. At SJC our children have received academic excellence, and have enjoyed exciting extracurricular activities, thrived in sports and discover their passion for the Arts! 

We love how much our children love SJC, and that is invaluable to us.

The Castejon Family, Grades 3 and 6

My son is a transfer student to SJC in January 2019. As a new student, trying to help my child acclimate to a new learning environment could be challenging. My son was very nervous on his first day of school. However, he was welcomed with open arms by his fellow classmates and teachers. I have also met many wonderful teachers, staff and parents. They all patiently answered my many questions, and offered support to Aiden and our family. We feel really welcomed into the SJC community.

The Lee family, Grade 7

SJC is a great school and feels like a big warm family! We have made lots of friends!

The Rui Family, Grade 3

We love how SJC focuses on teaching the “whole child”. We appreciate the opportunity to share our feedback and actions taken by the faculty for on-going improvement. 

Thank you, SJC!

The Yu Family, Grades K and 3

We have been fortunate to be a part of the SJC community since 2005. SJC is the perfect balance of supporting the whole child. My children are happy to go to school and supported academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Fujii Family, Grade 7, Class of 2016, and Class of 2014

Our favorite thing about SJC is the great staff and faculty. The school office is always available to answer all our questions. The teachers are caring and friendly as they challenge the children to learn and grow academically and personally.

The Salim Family, Grade 3 and future preschool student

St. Joseph of Cupertino really knows how to have fun throughout the year. There are several events and festivals such as the Fall Carnival, Haunted House, Christmas Musical, and the annual auction that bring children, parents, teachers and school administrative staff together to meet new friends and reacquaint with old friends. There is a true sense of community with the school and parish.

The Ortuondo/Tozer Family, Grades 7 and 8

The sense of community and strong parental support are why we chose SJC for our children. SJC also recognizes that family, teachers, students and the community play a vital role in the learning process. Our family is blessed to be a part of this experience.

The Andotra Family, Grade 7 and Class of 2017

We are very pleased with the sense of community at SJC. It feels like a family. Each child is an individual, not just a face, and it shows with how the teachers and administration interact with the students. We are also pleased with the Catholic message at SJC. We couldn’t be happier.

The Long Family, Grade 7

The school has a smaller and nicer campus. The students are all very inclusive and friendly to others. Students can be involved in extracurricular activities. SJC is also a Catholic education institution. At SJC, there is more one-on-one attention from teachers that help the students learn. There also is after school care and students can stay after school to finish homework. SJC has a dress code that keeps all the students organized.

The Lee Family, Grade 8

It’s a great blessing that we send our two children to St. Joseph of Cupertino School. SJC offers a very well-rounded program for students given its excellent academic standards and variety of extra-curricular activities. Our daughter has been attending SJC for eight years now and she has positively thrived with regards to academics and performing arts. Our son, now in kindergarten, is likewise enjoying attending school and loves their computer subject activities and science experiments. It is truly the right decision for our family to have chosen SJC!

The Salvador Family, Grades K and 7

We currently have 2 children that attend St. Joseph of Cupertino School. Our oldest also attended SJC, and is now in high school.  We have been blessed to be a part of the SJC family for the past 7 years. My husband and I did quite a bit of research on a number of local Catholic schools prior to putting in application for our sons to attend SJC. We noticed, during our school tour years ago, that the student population reflected great diversity and everything that occurred on campus was highly organized. Most importantly, the students were happy and engaged. Over the years, we have come to know that SJC is much more than a school.  SJC is a family, built on a common belief in God. The teachers are always very responsive and know all children very well. Students are given a well-rounded education, with numerous elective and sports options.  Classmates become like family. I know that my children are safe and in good hands when they go to school. Please consider taking a tour of SJC to see our family!

The Kintana Family, Grades 3, 6, Class of 2018 

We are impressed by how strong a community SJC is. We experienced it before our daughter started as a kindergartener and throughout the school year when we participated in the different events and activities that SJC offers.

The Chow Family, Grade 1

SJC is a wonderful preschool and our daughter loves going to school every day. The teachers provide a loving and caring environment and the kids feel a strong sense of belonging. We love that SJC Preschool nurtures our child both academically and spiritually. Go Junior Jaguars!


St. Joseph is a tight-knit community that gave us the “family feeling” from the get go. The teachers provide students (and parents) with the compassion, dedication, love and concern they would bring to their own families. We couldn’t be happier to be part of this tribe.


We are very happy we chose SJC for our daughter. This is our 2nd year in the SJC Preschool program and we are just as impressed as we were last year.  Mrs. Wilson and her staff are caring, patient and so good with the children.  We are lucky to have our daughter in a caring and nurturing environment. She comes home every day very happy and excited to tell us about her day.  This truly validates that we made the right decision to have SJC as our school of choice. 

A big bonus for us as parents is that we have met a lot of wonderful people and families, and have become friends with many of them. We look forward to many more years at SJC.

The Rice Family, Preschool

Our child has been at SJC Preschool for one week, and we feel we made the right decision. My son is an active boy and has a lot of energy. The teachers are very patient and kind to him. My son needs a lot of guidance listening during circle time, and the teachers are very helpful.  SJC Preschool does a good job communicating with parents too. We get updated every week. For example “Animals Everywhere” was the theme last week. The school encouraged us to discuss animals with my son at home. My son looks forward to going to school every morning and comes back home happy every night.

The Cai Family, Preschool

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